Facilitating global medical supply exchange – GEP for Medical Supplies

Just 2 months ago, we were sharing Venti, a global registry for medical supplies. Fast forward to today, our hackathon entry is shifting into a real product. Check out GEP’s story below.

Project Description

GEP for Medical Supplies aims to facilitate a faster exchange of bid information for medical supplies worldwide, so they are evenly distributed between medical centers.

Business Challenge

Having to rely on a mediator when also being time-constrained didn’t prove to be effective enough in the context of a global pandemic. It led to discrepancies in stocks and demanded materials distribution. These circumstances, in turn, had a direct effect on the medical industry that was already facing an abnormal situation. 

Business Solution

Our team created an e-sourcing tool that strives to provide a quicker exchange of medical supply bid information between the medical centers and the suppliers, removing the middleman and putting them in direct collaboration.


Creating an account
You can create an account in the GEP platform as a customer seeking medical supplies or as a provider of medical supplies.

Requesting for quotation
You can create an RfQ (request for quotation) specifying your needs and your offer.

Reviewing submitted quotations
You can review the submitted quotations from suppliers and accept the one that matches your needs.

Moderating operations
There is also the GEP officer that moderates the customers, providers, and RfQs, allowing for the operations to be equitable and free from errors.

Challenges and Solutions in the Software Development Process

Establishing an efficient workflow in the current global setting. 
An extra amount of preparation before the meetings helps to get more out of them since the team works remotely from 3 different time zones. 

Juggling between development speed and product quality as there were issues and bugs encountered during testing.
In response to that, we added tests for user stories and additional reviewers for the work we implemented.

Identifying new product requirements as the customer’s needs and vision can evolve during product development.
New requirements are carefully managed and given a more structured form, while old ones are constantly being reviewed.

Technology Stack

Development: PHP, Angular
Infrastructure: AWS
Test Management: TestRail
Design and Collaboration: Sketch, Marvel

Team Structure

Kudos to our team made out of Product Owner, Backend and Frontend Developers, Quality Assurance, DevOps and User Experience Designers. Not only for taking on this challenge but also for managing it professionally.

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