Donating technological equipment and fostering educational development of young students

The What 

As a social contribution, Yopeso BPO donated their old devices to Moscovei Gymnasium School, Cahul and Grinauti School, Riscani, both educational institutions from the Republic of Moldova.

The Why

With technology evolving in such a fast-paced manner, we ended up wondering what to do with our old equipment.

It didn’t take long to find out that many schools in Moldova are unfortunately poorly equipped, and young students don’t have the means to interact with the evolving world of technology. So we got in contact with their representatives as our goal is to contribute to the community by fostering youth’s access to a greater network and creating the environment necessary for them to grow. Yopeso hopes to have a positive impact on young people’s access to education and to encourage a better understanding of the technology that surrounds us in multiple contexts.

From a sustainability perspective, we are happy that our devices can have a prolonged life while also supporting the right cause.

The What’s Next

Many schools need to be better equipped to fulfill the new generations’ needs. Understanding the positive effects of donating is essential. Yopeso will try to stay active and regularly contribute to the development of education.

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