Android Internship

Android Internship


Yopeso’s exciting summer intern program is a full-time, 10-week paid internship open to rising seniors and post-graduates, designed to propel your career in Android software development in the fast-paced arena of the mobile world.

The internship for both disciplines (Android and UX) will be hosted at our office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Interns are selected to work in specific Android development practice area for the length of the program. In addition to receiving direct mentoring within their practice area, interns participate in weekly trainings and workshops to expose them to other practice areas and enhance their skills.

The ideal candidate is someone who sees Android development as a broad discipline and is OK with flexing one way or the other depending on the project.

You enjoy working with an interdisciplinary team where people from UX, Software Development and Business sit at the same table.

You like to create useful, beautiful things that things better, faster, more accessible.


Below you will find a challenge for you to solve in the attached document. Send us the solution for this problem in Java, Kotlin or another code you are comfortable with. Pseudocode is also accepted. Create a ZIP file with your solution to the challenge together with your résumé and upload it as one ZIP file.

Applications are closed

We will contact you directly no later than May 1, 2019, if we would like to move forward with your candidacy.

For any questions regarding your application, please reach out to